Publications clés la Division pêche, aquaculture et écosystèmes marins de la CPS

 Certaines publications ne sont disponibles qu'en anglais.

Cover of the SPC fisheries address book 2023 showing someone spearfishing underwater


Couverture du document


The cover of the Benefish report, showing a man on a canoe at night and another image showing fish underwater.



Cover of book - image underwater of coral and fish


Couverture du document représentant une jeune fille en train de pêcher



Cover of the Regional Roadmap for Sustainable Pacific Fisheries showing a picture with a small boat in front of a larger boat on water and the text of the document.




Plan d'activité de la CPS


Cover of the book, showing two people in a small canoe alongside a large ship.


Cover of handbook showing a woman throwing a net into the shallows


Couverture du document montrant trois canoës sur l'eau, vus de dessus.


Couverture du document