OLLO logo - green fish outline sketch

OLLO (Offline LongLine Observer) is an Android app developed by SPC for observers monitoring longline vessels operating in the southern albacore fisheries. It is used on ruggedised tablets and allows observers to record all the data fields required in the SPC/FFA Longline Regional Observer Workbook. Extensively trialled with the New Caledonia observer program, it is now used in New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Tonga, and Cook Islands, and we offer training and support to regional observer programs interested in implementing OLLO.

An observer coordinator using the app on a boat at sea.

OLLO is used offline by observers onboard the vessels and their data are uploaded to the regional fisheries database Tufman 2 when observers return to port. It incorporates data quality checking tools to ensure quality data is recorded and transmitted.