Key SPC FAME publications

Cover of the SPC fisheries address book 2023 showing someone spearfishing underwater










Cover of the TFAR report, showing fishing vessels at sunset




The cover of the Benefish report, showing a man on a canoe at night and another image showing fish underwater.










Cover of book - image underwater of coral and fish









Cover of the new song document showing a lady standing in the water with a fishing rod















Cover of the SPC FAME Business Plan - photos of a fish; someone fishing, and a group of fishers with sea cucumbers on a table next to the sea.







Cover of the book, showing two people in a small canoe alongside a large ship.







Cover of handbook showing a woman throwing a net into the shallows







Cover of the Pacific Framework for scaling-up CBFM showing three outrigger canoes on the water from above.








Regional framework on aquatic biosecurity