Workshops and training

Supporting our members in using our scientific information and assessments for their own analyses and building on regional capacity

Capacity building and training in fisheries science is an important part of the work we do. We aim to build this into how we deliver all our engagement with regional stakeholders. Our Stock Assessment and Modelling (SAM) team is open to any specific and relevant requests from member countries in relation to training and capacity building in the area of fisheries science and stock assessment.

Since 2006 we have provided a targeted training programme in stock assessment called the stock assessment workshop (SAW). The SAW has occurred almost every year since 2006, with the workshops typically conducted at SPC in Noumea, and funding support provided for attendees who are nominated by their national fisheries agencies. In 2021 the first online SAW was conducted due to the COVID19 pandemic. The SAW has two parts: an ‘Introductory’ and ‘Advanced’ course to cater for differing levels of prior knowledge. Many SAW alumni have now moved through the ranks of their national fisheries agencies.

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Training in other areas of our work is project specific. For example, the development of harvest strategies, where we have conducted many capacity building workshops throughout the region, both in country and online since 2018.

We also provide placements for Pacific Islanders in our work programme, specifically as part of the Pacific Islands Fisheries Professionals programme (PIFP), which provides one year placement opportunities.

For SPC members requiring support for stock assessment and modelling, please send your requests, outlining your specific priority need, in an email to [email protected]

Further reading

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One year at SPC – The Pacific Island Professionals programme (video)

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