Regional and national advice

Providing scientific assessments and analyses to inform regional management decisions as well as country specific advice

A key role of FAME as a science service provider for the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) is to provide advice to its members on the status of oceanic fisheries resources, focusing on tunas, billfishes, and some pelagic sharks. These assessments are presented to the Scientific Committee of the WCPFC in August, who review the assessments and formulate the management advice for the main WCPFC meeting, usually held in early December. Our assessments and related analyses provide underpinning scientific information to inform the negotiations and development of conservation and management measures for the region’s oceanic fisheries by the WCPFC membership. Our oceanic fisheries scientists attend and present information at many key regional meetings related to oceanic fishery science and management.

The Stock Assessment and Modelling (SAM) team works closely with sub-regional groups, such as the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) and the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA). We provide these organisations specific advice on the status of the region’s oceanic fisheries resources, at scales relevant to their particular issues, and conduct various analyses to explore implications of alternative management options as requested.

The SAM team provide fisheries science support services to all SPC member countries. We respond to requests for analysis and advice from individual member countries, leveraging of our team’s skills, expertise, and access to analytical tools and data.  Our national-subregional team has a strong regional understanding of the oceanic fisheries and member country fisheries agencies and staff, having built productive relationships and trust over many years.

For enquires on support for national oceanic fisheries issues, please contact [email protected]