Fisheries information

Facilitating effective information dissemination and knowledge exchange to support the sustainable use of Pacific fisheries and aquaculture resources

Access to the most recent and relevant information is vital to answering the scientific and technical questions that our members have for the management of their fisheries resources. We ensure that the knowledge and information coming from our in-house fisheries experts reaches our members in a timely and appropriate way. FAME has a dedicated Fisheries Information Section, which collects, organises, produces, and disseminates relevant fisheries information to help members achieve their sustainability objectives for their fisheries and aquaculture resources.

Our Fisheries Information and Knowledge Section has had many years of experience in Pacific fisheries and has forged valuable knowledge exchange partnerships with people and organisations working across the region. As a result, FAME has a rich heritage in fisheries related information and knowledge, all of which requires careful curation to bring the right products to the right people at the right time. We produce scientific and technical reports, as well as other information tools such as posters, brochures, leaflets, and manuals. We can respond to specific information needs of our members by using a range of media and producing information in local languages.

SPC/FAME publications

We have been producing reference newsletters and information bulletins over many years, providing a current look at some of the most exciting research and case studies on marine-related topics of interest to the region. Our publications include the tri-annual Fisheries Newsletter, the bi-annual Women-in-Fisheries bulletin, and the annual Beche-de-Mer and Traditional Marine Resource Management and Knowledge bulletins. These draw on the knowledge of our many regional partners and collaborators, as well as our own SPC staff, to deliver updates on activities related to fisheries in the Pacific.

We work closely with our members to assist them with their national information and communication strategies. For example, we can support efforts to enhance community engagement, elevate local voices, and influence social and behavioural change. In collaboration with regional partners, this work aims to increase the delivery of information to communities so that they are empowered and motivated to participate in the management of their fisheries. Successful fisheries management benefits from the participation of everyone in the community. Ensuring every person, regardless of social status, is recognised as integral to this process is vital, and we produce awareness and information materials to highlight this.

Raising awareness about new fishing regulations in Kiribati

As internet technology has advanced across the Pacific Islands, we have increased our production of online learning tools, such as training videos, animated films, and our use of social media. These information tools are an excellent way of sharing knowledge easily across the region, as well as bringing our networks together. We need to ensure that such a wealth of information is well curated to avoid redundancy or misinformation. We are, therefore, constantly striving to ensure that these tools are up to date, accessible, and relevant to our members.