Tools and apps

A wide variety of tools and apps have been developed by SPC FAME to cover a range of data needs relating to fisheries and aquaculture.

Access to some of these tools is restricted to authorised users. The FAME data policy provides the overarching data governance for the handling of data, ownership, security, data sharing, integration, and dissemination.

The Tuna Fisheries Data Management system - Tufman 2 - is a cloud-hosted, web database developed for Pacific Island Countries to manage their tuna fishery data. 

Ikasavea is a smartphone and tablet application that allows fisheries surveyors to collect market, landing and socio-economic survey data offline.

Tails is a smartphone and tablet application that allows coastal fisheries staff to easily collect tuna and reef fish catch information from small-scale fishers in remote locations.

OLLO is an Android app developed by SPC for observers monitoring longline vessels operating in the southern albacore fisheries.

OnBoard app is one of the SPC-developed E-Reporting tools suite.

OnShore is one of the tablet applications of the SPC-developed suite of E-reporting tools.

MULTIFAN-CL is a computer program that implements a statistical, length-based, age-structured model for use in fisheries stock assessment. 

PacFishID is an application for the general public to learn to recognise fishes of commercial interest of the Pacific region.

This tool is designed to allow users access to and compare laws and policies on coastal fisheries and aquaculture management in 23 Pacific Island countries and territories (22 SPC member countries and Timor Leste). 

SEAPODYM is a numerical model initially developed for investigating physical-biological interaction between tuna populations and the pelagic ecosystem of the Pacific Ocean.

Collecting samples of Pacific pelagic species to understand their biology and ecology.

The Web Tagging Data System is a portal that gives access to tagging data collected by SPC and its partners since 2005. 

The Bycatch Management Information System (BMIS) focuses on bycatch mitigation and management in oceanic tuna and billfish fisheries