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Employment and training opportunities in the fisheries sector (non-SPC)



27 August 2019

Request for expressions of interest: Consulting services–individual consultants

The Government of the Independent State of Samoa has applied for financing from the World Bank towards the cost of the 'Samoa Agriculture and Fisheries Productivity and Marketing Project', and intends to apply part of the proceeds for the following consulting services: 

  • A Naval Architect to provide advice and technical support in reviewing existing vessel designs and providing new vessels recommendations for improvement and small boats operating in oceanic waters of Samoa, to address safety issues, low productivity and post-capture losses.
  • A Fishing Gear and Operations Specialist to review the current status of fishing gear design, and advise on appropriate fishing gear design and methods applicable to small-scale fisheries and oceanic fisheries particular to Samoa.
  • A Small Scale Fisheries Value Chain Consultant to conduct a study and assess small scale fisheries (SSF) value chains in Samoa, to identify specific constraints to be addressed as well as identifying opportunities, to increase productivity, jobs and income opportunities for communities, fishers and fish farms in a sustainable manner.

More details are provided in the Request for expressions of interest available here.

Deadline for submission of proposals is 9 September 2019.



6 August 2019

Request for quotation: Training course in longline fishing operations

The Tuvalu Fisheries Department (TFD), implementing the Tuvalu Fisheries Support Programme (TFSP), is seeking quotations from suitably qualified and experienced consultants for the design and delivery of an introductory course in longline fishing operations at the Tuvalu Maritime Training Institute (TMTI).

Details of the assignment are provided in the Terms of Reference available here.

Deadline for submission of proposals is 27 August 2019.


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